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New Studio- 2024 

Created Funky Fun Art Cares NJ Non-Profit- 2024

Maplewood Township Art Director- 2020- 2024

Maplewood Virtual Egg Hunt- 2020- 2022

Maplewood Sing for Seniors- 2020- 2022

Maplewood Painters in the Park- 2021-2023

Maplewood Mask Mural- 2020 

Maplewood Chalk Your Walk Event- 2020 

Maplewood Senior Sunshine Program- 2020- 2021

Maplewood Enrichment Teacher- 2020- 2023

Maplewood Witch Workshop- 2020-2023

Maplewood Harry Potter Workshop- 2021-2023

Creator of Colorful Maplewood on Instagram and Facebook

Maplewood Pride Tree- 2022

New Studio- Maplewood 2019 

Maplewood Tree Lighting 2019-2023

Maplewood National Night Out- 2019, 2023

Maplewood Sensory Friendly Day- 2019

Maplewood Spring Event- 2019 

Maplewood Senior Art 2019-2022

South Orange Art In The Park - 2015-2024

Chuck Jones Art Experience- 2019 

South Orange Valley Street Window- Featured Artist 2018

South Orange Preschool Art Teacher 2007-2017

Founders Park Day- Featured Artist 2017-2018

South Orange Camp Art Director 2006-2016

South Orange Senior Art Program 2012-2018

South Orange Senior Gala 2014-2019

South Orange Summer Concert Art 2015-2023

South Orange Camp Out Night 2015-2018

South Orange Hottest Town Award- Featured Artist 2017 

South Orange River Day- Featured Artist 2017- 2020

South Next- Featured Artist 2016-2018

SOxSO- Featured Teaching Artist 2015

South Next Logo Art Installation 2016-2017

Dustin's Kaleidoscope SOMA TV- Featured Artist 2015

South Orange Play Day- Featured Artist 2014-2018

Beyond The Bell Enrichment Marshall 2013-2019

Beyond The Bell Enrichment Clinton 2015-2018

Beyond The Bell Enrichment Jefferson 2014-2020

Beyond The Bell Enrichment South Mountain 2014-2020

Beyond The Bell Enrichment S. Mountain Annex 2014-2020

Beyond The Bell Enrichment Seth Boyden 2014-2019

Beyond The Bell Enrichment Tuscan 2017-2020

Maplewood Studio 2019-2024

South Orange Studio 2014-2018

Created Funky Fun Art LLC 2014

Traveling Guided Art Teacher 2012-2013

Columbia Alumni 



Denise Hayden, Owner




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