Miss Denise 

Funky Fun Art Owner! Passionate about non-traditional art and loves to encourage using your imagination! Blending new trends with old concepts to keep reinventing art for the modern world. 20+ years experience and loves to push traditional boundaries. Enjoys painting, building, and volleyball in her free time


Julia attends Temple University. This is her third year with Funky Fun Art! She is a master at drawing and design. She wants to be an artist and loves sharing her talent with the kids! She is an important part in the success of Funky Fun Art! She is passionate about programming and giving kids the best experience they can have! 


Nitasha is enjoying her second summer at Funky Fun Art! She is studying to be a pediatric nurse at William Paterson University. She loves kids and is enjoying helping them with their art projects. 

MISS Sarah 

Sarah is an award winning middle school teacher in the Cresskill school district. She has been on the Funky Fun Art team for 4 years! She loves summertime fun and is a tie dye fanatic! Look for some amazing new shirts this year! 


Daisy has been with Funky Fun Art for 4 years! She graduated from the University of North Texas. She is a skilled artist and brings some amazing drawing ability to the team! She loves kids and enjoys helping them draw and paint! 


Skye has been with Funky Fun Art for three years. She is an avid painter. She loves creating new projects for the kids and helping them in the studio! She has a wonderful way of making sure quiet kids get involved! 


Lindsey attends Columbia High School. During the school year she is involved in astronomy club and CHS Stage Crew. 

In her free time she likes to,  draw, play violin, hang out with friends and play field hockey. This is her second summer at Funky Fun Art! 


Emma attends Columbia High School. She specializes in drawing and designing comics. She has attended Funky Fun Art for years before joining the staff. This will be her third year on the Funky Fun Art team! 


Natalia attends Columbia High School. she enjoys art and volleyball. This will be her second year on the Funky Fun Art team! 


Hello! My name is Ciara and I am thirteen years old, and I have three brothers and both of my parents are from Ireland. I was born in Hoboken, New Jersey. I enjoy drawing, exercise, and hanging out with my friends and family. I like the expressionism art form, and want to visit the Louvre in France. I have attended Funky Fun Art classes for years and now I am excited to join the team! 


Angel attends Columbia High School. This is her second year with Funky Fun Art. She loves kids and art and is having a blast! 


Hi my name is Kennedy! This is my first summer on the Funky Fun Art team! I love art and spending time with all of the kids! I specialize in glam makeup and special glam effects. Look out for some awesome pics of kids with gems, glitter and some other  surprises! 


Hi my name is Jasmin! I have attended Funky Fun Art since it was created! I have enjoyed it so much for the past 5 years that I decided to join the team! 


Do you love art? Do you love children? 

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