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Miss Denise 

Funky Fun Art Owner! Passionate about non-traditional art and loves to encourage using your imagination! Blending new trends with old concepts to keep reinventing art for the modern world. 20+ years experience and loves to push traditional boundaries. Enjoys painting, building, and volleyball in her free time! Columbia Alumni!  



Funky Fun Art Assistant Director- Julia recently graduated from Temple University. This is her fifth year with Funky Fun Art! She is a master at drawing and design, and is passionate about video production. She wants to be an artist and loves sharing her talent with the kids! She is an important part in the success of Funky Fun Art! She is passionate about programming and giving kids the best experience they can have! Columbia Alumni!



Funky Fun Art Health Director- Maggie is pursuing a nursing degree at Duquesne University! This is her fourth year at Funky Fun Art and she is enthusiastic about the upcoming summer! She loves kids and can't wait to show them all of the new art projects we have this summer! Columbia Alumni! 

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MISS Sarah 

Sarah is an award winning middle school teacher in the Cresskill school district. She has been on the Funky Fun Art team for 5 years! She loves summertime fun and is a tie dye fanatic! Look for some amazing new shirts this year! 



Naomi studies at the Pratt Institute's School of Film. Born and raised in South Orange, she's been an artist since she could hold a paintbrush, and enjoys working with an assortment of mediums. Her work has been featured in the Student Experimental Film Festival in Binghamton, the "Anything but the Void" arts festival in Brooklyn, and the SOMA Film Festival. She loves working with kids to help them realize their creative capabilities and to share her passion for art and film! Columbia Alumni! 



This is Addie's third year at Funky Fun Art! She is attending the University of Vermont and studying to be a nurse. She is kind and patient and loves spending time with the kids! She is a Columbia Alumni! 

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Hi! I’m Kat and this will be my second year at Funky Fun Art! I just graduated from Columbia High School and will be attending the College of Charleston in the fall. I love doing all types of crafts and I cant wait to meet everyone and see what amazing things they create this summer! 



Emma is an incoming Sophomore at Coker University in South Carolina! She loves art because it's a great outlet for her creative energies, she finds it relaxing and rewarding. She enjoys doing art with kids even more because she can pass on the skills she's learned over the years and also gain inspiration from their creativity. 



Dylan is super excited for her second year working at Funky Fun Art!! She is an incoming junior at Montclair State University and is studying art education. She hopes to be an art teacher! She loves to connect with people over art and cannot wait to meet everybody and see some familiar faces from last year.



Hi! My name is Skylar and I will be a junior at Columbia High School in the fall of 2022. This is my third year working as a counselor at Funky Fun Art! I love working with kids and helping them make creative pieces of art. I enjoy painting, coloring, and sewing! I am so excited to be returning and can’t wait for this summer!

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In September I will be a senior at Columbia High School, a member of the Special Dance Company and the step team. I am really excited to work with children and help them express themselves through art. When I was younger art was one of the ways I could express my emotions and creativity.


My name is Ella Rinaldi, I am 19 years old and am currently perusing a BFA at the School of Art Institute of Chicago. I am so excited to paint, draw, and have fun this summer at Funky Fun Art Camp!


Hi! my name is Abby and I am an incoming junior at Duquesne University studying psychology! I love spending time with kids and especially doing crafts:) I can’t wait to meet all of the campers and have so much fun making new memories with everyone! I am so excited to be a part of the Funky Fun Art family!! 



I’m Lydia and this is my second year at Funky Fun Art! I’m a rising sophomore at Columbia High School and I love photography and all types of art. I can’t wait to have fun over the summer, and work with kids on all different types of projects and activities!


Tali is a sophomore at Columbia! She has worked with children at The Friendship Circle, SNAP, and as a teacher's assistant at Congregation Beth El. She has taken art classes for the past five years and is excited to work at Funky Fun Art to help campers learn to express themselves through painting and games! 


My name is Avery and this is my first year at Funky Fun Art. I'm a sophomore at Columbia high school. I’ve been doing art classes for many years and I love working with kids. I’m so excited to be working with everyone this summer! 


This is Angel’s second year at Funky Fun Art! She loves doing arts and crafts and helping kids express their creative side. She can’t wait to work with everyone this summer and meet all the new campers!  


Matea is a rising sophomore at The Millbrook School in Millbrook, New York. This summer will be Matea's first year at Funky Fun Art and she couldn't be more thrilled! Matea loves painting and collaging, and she especially loves working with kids. She is looking forward to helping kids express their creativity through art this summer!



Hi! My name is Julie and I’m currently a sophomore at Columbia. I have been a part of the FLES program, Achieve Tutoring, and Elementors. I love drawing, running, playing the viola, and painting sets in stage crew. I love working with kids and seeing their way of viewing the world through the art that they create. This is my first year at Funky Fun Art and I’m really excited to be a part of the team this summer! 



Lily is extremely excited to join Funky Fun Art again this summer! She can’t wait to see the campers she met last summer, and meet some new friends. She is going into her Junior year at Columbia High School in the next school year. She loves painting, dancing, and just being creative. Lily is so excited to make some fun projects with the kids this summer!

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 I’m Molly and I am a rising junior at Columbia High School. This will be my first year working at Funky Fun Art and I’m super excited to make art and have fun this summer. I love to play sports, paint, and embroider in my free time. Can’t wait to meet to meet all the campers!


My name is Gwyneth and I am a rising sophomore at Morristown Beard. I have been doing art my whole life and I love all things creative. I also really enjoy working with kids so I am super excited to be working at Funky Fun Art this summer!


Reese is a freshman at Columbia High School. This is his second year at funky fun art and is super excited to have a fun art filled summer. Reese fills his free time with art of all styles and filmmaking on the side. 


I am Izzy and this will be my second year working at Funky Fun Art Camp! I am super excited to help kids express their creativity in all different kinds of art. I have loved doing anything creative and getting my hands dirty my whole life. I love to put a smile on peoples faces and can’t wait to have fun with everyone!


My name is Esme! I love cooking, shopping and animals. I really enjoy taking care of family and friends by cooking a special meal to share or a quick snack to enjoy! My main painting style uses watercolors as I enjoy the free flowing colors! It will be my first year working here and I can't wait to have a great summer! 


lia C.

Nitasha has been on the Funky Fun Art team for 3 years! She is pursuing a nursing career and is a recent college graduate! She loves kids and enjoys spending time with them while being creative! 

Lia is a rising senior at Academy of Saint Elizabeth! It is her first year working at Funky Fun Art! She adores working with kids and loves the arts, so the combination of both is perfect for her! She enjoys playing the guitar, sketching, and most of all, painting. She is looking forward to meeting everyone and creating beautiful pieces of art!

Amelia s. 

Amelia is a rising sophomore at the University of Connecticut pursuing a degree in English. This will be her second year at Funky Fun Art. She likes to paint in her free time and loves working with kids. She can't wait to spend time with the campers this summer! Columbia Alumni! 


Hi! My name’s Claire and I’m a rising sophomore studying social work at Skidmore College. This is my first year at Funky Fun Art Camp, but I’ve had several jobs working with kids and I love art (especially painting, drawing, and collaging)! In my free time I also like to dance, read, and make people laugh. I’m so excited to connect with the kids and help them express themselves through creativity!

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