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Funky Fun Art History


Funky Fun Art started in March of 2014! Our first studio was in the craft room of The Baird in South Orange. Prior to its renovation the craft room was located on the first floor of The Baird and had easy access to the outdoors but only one window! This remained our home until December of 2018 when The Baird closed for renovations! 

In December of 2018 Funky Fun Art moved to the 3rd Floor of The Woodland in Maplewood! The third floor needed a complete overhaul and the Funky Fun Art team got to work! Clearing the junk, painting, redoing the floors, redoing all of the lighting and adding in our special touches! Partnered with Maplewood the studio continued to thrive in 2019! 


In February 2020 Maplewood decided to hire Denise and give her the position of Art Director for the town! Denise held this position until April 2024. The studio continued to grow and bring joy to so many SOMA children! After an unfortunate incident Denise decided to resign from Maplewood to find a safe space for her staff and program to continue! 

In June of 2024 Funky Fun Art moved back to its original starting spot at The Baird in South Orange! The newly renovated building was the perfect spot to celebrate its 10 Year Anniversary! For the summer we will be using the stunning new third floor space! 

COMING BACK HOME WAS A HUGE BLESSING! South Orange welcomed us back with open arms! We are so grateful! 


Funky Fun Art has grown into one of the leading art programs in the SOMA community! With over 40 employees made up of a variety of local creatives, former students, and a bunch of talented artists! You are always guaranteed to connect with someone on staff due to their wide range of skills, hobbies, interests, and personalities! We love creating a warm and inviting environment where everyone is welcome and met with kindness and love! 

Funky Fun Art Offers:


Summer Camp

Enrichment Classes

Holiday Workshops

Town Art Events

Public Art Pop-Ups

Custom Art Designs

Custom Art Events 

Custom Art Parties

Contact us! We would love to plan something artsy for you!


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